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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Card Store

I have started building a collection of greeting cards at
If you click on the pictures above they'll take you there...


Anonymous said...

awww.. I love the illustrations, sophie! i hope you're gonna stock more on the cardstore site! <3

I also wonder when you'll have more of your drawings up for sale on your website.. damn, all the ones I wanted are sold out.. @____@

I'm growing to be a big fan of your art and wouldn't mind to hang one of your creations at home, one I can afford :) but I saw on the website the prices are more than reasonable.

look forward to see next entries.

take care

Sephy said...

oh wow!
I can already see my notice board revamped in these gorgeous designs..

I really love your work =)

Love Sephy x x x

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww! So adorable! Specially the first two! Love them. =)

Your work is amazing, congrats!


Anonymous said...

oh they're beautiful!!!! I love the one with the whale and also, the one with the little boy!!! I love all your artwork and can't wait to see more!!!!


Anonymous said...

^^ meeeow... the cat is irrestistible! =D

Anonymous said...

It is pure wonder.
I love how you see the world.
Thank you...

LSL said...

Wonderful! Please put up more!

Anonymous said...

is it possible you draw a card for xmas and for 2009??

i hope so,


Anonymous said...

hahaha, i saw the xmas motion card on your site, thanks *__*.
i particularly love the paintings =D