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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Drawing Game part 4

Round four. There's certain pleasure to be had in setting fire to things in a controlled two-dimensional environment. Click on the images to enlarge...


Anonymous said...

… here is a girl, going through the world, speechless, all words unable to speak, carrying away, securely in a solid box.

She’s looking back with satisfied view, thinking ‘oh, yes, it was good work I’ve done.’

Still not seeing a house in front of her, solid and safe. Few steps forward and she will see it, will see a strong building for keeping all her collected words.

‘Oh girl, don’t be blind! This is a trap! Don’t you see the glow of the fire behind the house, don’t you smell the smoke in front of you? Be care!

A devil in innocent shape is waiting for you, bring your words into another place –
Learn them by heart, take them into your soul where nobody can harm or destroy them … ‘

- have a good day and yes, I am really impressed by your input!


robertina said...

Sophie....this is absolutely amazing, you naughty girl!
i love how the child looks at his prodigy!
mika seems as much genius as you though...and we know it in mikafanclub....;)

Anonymous said...

hello sophie...
i really like your idea and especially the naughty kid who is burning the house !! he is very sure that mika will do something brilliant the next time.


Anonymous said...

Sophie.. You are a GREAT artist...
Loved the naughty brat burning down word girl's/Mika's house... (:
Am really liking this project, it's turning out brilliant...

Anonymous said...

From reading the previous post to this, where you cackle maniacally, we can now see why, heh heh.
An inspired, albeit scarey, response, with the little tyke and the matches.
I'm thinking the little fella isn't keen on words, hence trying to destroy them. Maybe because he can't talk himself?
I'm enjoying watching this project unfold, it's interesting watching your two styles merging togeteher.

sariflor said...

Can I just say, I think that the little boy's facial expression is genius? It's amazing how much a drawing can convey.
I wonder how Mika will now keep up with the story AND save his words and house in the process :-)


Anonymous said...

hehe I knew this would get to your blog before too long too.. :D *see my comment in your previous entry*

very curious how mika's gonna mend the disaster little piromaniac is up to.. ;)

* I solemnly swear i am up to no good..* LOL

Anonymous said...

I love what you have done xD
I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. I bet when mika opened his mail his jaw just dropped open.
It's Brilliant! I really don't know what to say. What I find funny is mika has put all this thought into the word girl and her little house and made it perfect, so it was kinda going off into lalamikaland where Billy brown and lollipop girl went. But you've sneaked up on him and set all his plans on fire with this cheeky little rugrat. What will mika's response be? I cant wait to see the next development… *chews all the way through fingernails and down into hands*

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie!
i can't begin to tell you how talented you are, and what great imagination! You have sure set high standard for Mika.

i can't wait to see the rest of this project.


lamalaeducacion said...

If I were the "Word Girl" I'd definetely be scared in such a smoky world: full of naughty and bad faith people, who create a criticism environment within a society which tends to follow "what everybody else say you should want...".

Anonymous said...

Hello, I discovered your world thanks to Mika and I come back often to visit your blog. I love your drawings.

Planeta Lilliput said...

Your imagination is certainly wonderful! I would have never thought of transforming that lifeless note of Mika's in a dress for such a charming little girl! And the baby is so funny and terrible, at the same time!

I discovered your work thanks to Mika and now am a big, big fan of yours! :D You are a great and hugely talented artist. Congratulations on your work!

Lourdes, a small person from the enchanted and far-away land of Argentina. :P