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Friday, October 3, 2008

New Ivy and Bean books

See? It's only been about five minutes since my last post and here I am again.
There is a new Ivy and Bean book out, book five, Bound to be Bad, and also a boxed set of books one to three. I do like a boxed set. This one has a secret compartment in it like the one my brother carved out of his school hymnal to hide cigarettes in at boarding school. In this case it holds a secret diary, because children don't smoke as much as they used to. Years ago I stole his idea for a column I used to write of handy household hints; a hollowed out coffee table tome could be used to store an aesthetically offensive remote control. See my website bio if you don't believe me.

1 comment:

sariflor said...

I have to agree with you: I also love a boxed set. I am not sure why, but since I was a child, I was majorly attracted to the shiny, glossy, colourful boxed sets of books.
It must be the promise that they hold, all there, ready for discovery :o)