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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pathetic Dogs (in the most adorable way)

Today I was working on a drawing of a dog and a custodian for a funny and bleak children's book – just right for Our Times – and needed a reference for a dog, because despite my best intentions the drawing was looking an awful lot like a cat. Without question the most adorable and pathetic dog to pop up was this one, which I'm sure by now has been made a National Treasure in Japan. That's my small, scruffy, cat-like version below it.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sophie ;o)
How cute!
It doesn't look very much like a cat to me, though ;o) I also love your choice of perspective in that drawing.
As for the hearty dog, you should show it to Mika, as he's apparantly considering to get one ;P
I can totally see him hitting the Knightsbridge nightlife carrying a tiny, heart-patterned toy breed - a sight for the gods ;o)
... and maybe the hearty pet will make it into the already famous Blackall project as well?

Have a great day ;o)

... and thanks for changing the settings ;o)

Christine said...

Aww...your puppy has the same markings as the one in my favourite book as a child. The Pokey Little Puppy.

Your dog looks quite doglike to me. Perhaps it's the smile. Cats are born smirkers.

If this pic is not Photoshopped I wonder if this new breed of chihuahua is available in clover and star shapes too.

Christine ©

sariflor said...

I can't believe that by the time I discover this entry, two of my buddies have already been there ;oP

Dogs...what can you say about them? Some of the most wonderful creatures on the earth. Look at those eyes, there are no words needed; the eyes say it all.

I think that you gave your version of the dog a more comical and "mad" look, haha! Cute.

Anyway, I am liking this blog a lot, please DO keep it up. I'm sure that many of us will appreciate it.


NX said...

Hahaha!!! That reminds me a joke from a friend of mine... its absurd, but I have to tell you...

She use to say:
-Hey, your dog looks like a cat.
-It IS a cat.
-Then it looks like a dog.

Its stupid!! I know!!! But when I read your comment I needed to tell...

Sorry, I won`t do it again...LOL!!!