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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drawing Game part 3

Here is Mika's response to the girl with the box. He's built her an alphabet house, and the whole thing has taken on a narrative quality. We are being very polite with each other so far; leaving lots of white space. That might all be about to change... cue maniacal cackle.


Anonymous said...

wowee! it looks fantastic! i can't wait to see what you and Mika will draw next, i just know it will be amazing! Jxxx :-D

Sephy said...

This is so exciting!

You are both full of amazing ideas xx

sariflor said...

I love the fact that you are explaining it; Mika just posts the picture for us to make our own assumptions,lol! I like a bit of an explanation, so I am grateful that you are "commenting" on it.
Can't wait what you'll do next, I have the feeling that it will be naughty and he won't have an easy ride on the next round, muahahahah!!

Anonymous said...

wow, i luv what mika did, but can't wait to see what u do with it!!!!! Kno its going to be amazing!! haha : ) It's funny how the tone of the drawing changes so much each time it gets sent to someone. Can't wait to see the last the turn, its going to be soo interesting!!!!!

•lily : )

Anonymous said...

I'm following this game in Mika's blog, but as I discovered yours, I have to leave a comment here too!

I'm really looking forward to see what you'll add to the drawing. The first idea, of making the dress out of Mika's note was brilliant and totally unexpected. Fan-tas-tic!

Like Sara said, it's good you're commenting on the drawings. Mika is leading us to think this is a riddle and we're all trying to figure out its meaning... (ok, maybe it is! And we're having a great time "solving" it! haha)

Ok, so now I'll go see the rest of your blog. =P (remember me to thank Mika for introducing you to us!)


Anonymous said...

Loving watching the game between you and Mika... both of your creativity and imagination is amazing! Keep the edits coming please!!!

CHARLOTTE. said...

this is good stuff. i like how you write a little thing beside each post.. mika likes to make lots of promises and never keep them. and not say one syllable about this project. xD
i'm becoming more and more of a regular visitor to your blog.
i'm excited to see what you do!

Anonymous said...

hello Sophie!!! I`m Mariel I`m Mika`s fan and really i`m surprised than u both are doing in this Brilliant!!!