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Monday, October 6, 2008

A Wedding Picture

A friend recently told me to say "yes" to everything, and being easily influenced, I agreed to do a painting for someone — let's call her Phoebe—'s sister's wedding present. All I knew about the betrothed couple was that they liked the country, horse riding and each other. I sent a sketch for Phoebe to approve, but she's in Australia and it's in a different time zone and there's always a public holiday and in any case she hasn't replied. So because I'm impatient (and actually have lots of other work I should be doing), I started tentatively painting, waiting for an email at each stage to say, "Oh, no! She HATES black horses", or "Didn't I tell you, the groom is philosophically opposed to hats". The result is a picture in stages.


Christine said...

I take it the groom was not philosophically opposed to hats in the end?

The sheen on the horse is beautiful and it's amazing how this atypical pink for the sky and trees somehow look perfectly natural. Very very pretty.

You say you can barely wait on shifting timezones. How long does it take to go from one stage to the next then?

Christine ©

Unknown said...


I am sorry my english is not very good so I do not understand everything on this note. I wanted to tell you thank you to show up the process of this creation, you are very talented. I did not know that to make the back of a drawing/painting you might do it like this, it's amazing the way this drawing born, the way you put colors are very soft and make like if the drawing become alive.
Thanks to share it, I am very impressed :)
Have a nice day