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Friday, October 10, 2008

Drawing Game part 2

This is what I did with Mika's note. Our girl is now in LA wondering what is to become of her. (Well no, she's just a drawing, so incapable of wondering at all.) I gave her an empty box, thinking something might spring out of it, moths maybe, or bulging vapors... but I suspect Mika's too clever to do anything so obvious. We'll have to wait and see...


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely awesome!
What an amazingly fantastic idea to use the note already. I also love how you created the basics for further development with 'just' a girl. Very clever to give her the box and make her look behind... ;o)
Love it! I'm soo curious about what will happen next, you've set a benchmark here which will be quite the challenge to reach :P


Christine said...
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sariflor said...

I agree with Violet, this is turning into a very exciting (and challenging) game.
I was wondering who has made the skirt with the note, if it was your work or Mika's, but I guess that your post clarifies that it was you. I am understanding this the right way, am I? :o)

The box is a very clever detail, and I absolutely love the way the skirt plaits and the fact I love the whole atmosphere of it. Lovely; really lovely.

This is so exciting! I can't wait to see what Mika does with this (besides scratching his curls now going "what on earth am I meant to make this into?" HAHA! I agree though, he'll come up with something unexpected, him being him and all that. That's why we love him. How could one NOT.

Anyway, I can't wait for the next instalment.

Christine said...

I laughed out loud when I saw this. The note transformed into a dress is absolutely brilliant.

The girl is adorable and holds so much potential with her expression and holding a box.

I really hope Mika is up for the challenge.

Christine ©

Michèle said...

What an interesting artistic collaboration!
I follow this adventure on the Mika's blog , and now, I shall also follow it on yours.
I admire your artistic universe a lot...

A bientôt


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! The people on Mika's blog wondered what you would make of this note, and why he started with writing. When I saw you had used the note as part of the drawing I was astounded; it's an amzing picture!
I first saw you art on Mika's blog and now I think I'm going to follow your blog too.
Good luck with the rest of the art, Mika's sure to create something unusual and extrodinary.
Clara x

Anonymous said...

Hello Sophie!

This can only do an artist - to surprise with unexpected ideas, to let a note being a part of a drawing - brilliant!

And I really enjoy it to look at your "drawing" and read a lot into the facial expression of the girl, the bashfully look behind her accentuated by the lightly blushed cheeks inspirit my fantasy - you have a great ability to illustrate feelings ;) !

Much pleasure, ulrike

NX said...

Thinks like that make me know why my drawings look so "common"... using the note this way has been brilliant... I really enjoyed to find that...

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful!!!! Everything about her! I would almost be happy leaving her just like this, frozen in a single moment of time, and let what she might be doing, or who she might be looking at, alone in the air . . . . . of course i am still curious to see what will become of her. Does she have a name????

Anonymous said...

Hello Sophie; i like your drowing it sooooooo perfect i swear!
I like also the empty box =D and how you put "MIKA" in the center XD

I want To see The Rest

I love MIKA
and I love you =D

kiss from a girl who want to see Mika

Anonymous said...

i ama new comer to this, as posted in most recent blog. I browse your site regularly, but got here late, cause i had overlooked the link *blushes*

this girl's so classy.. one of the my fave images of yours.

cannot wait to see next response of yours to mika's challenge.