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Monday, October 27, 2008

Catalogue of Toupées

Still playing with mushrooms...


Mélie said...

very beautiful !
It would be fun if people wore this kind of " mushrooms hats" in the streets :)
It reminds me "les demoiselles coiffées" : a natural phenomenon on stones which really look like a head with a mushroom as a hat (for instance)

Anonymous said...

really good one! <3 esp. 1st figure.

and sorry if am random, but the new entry on the blackall project with mika is very cool!! the little piromaniac is a very witty twist to the house of words mika built! thumbs up! look forward to see where you two are taking us..

JAROSITA said...

very beaufiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

a catalogue of brilliant is that? I love them and would like to put in my order, maybe one of each, please.

I love your blog (not to mention your artwork)

Thank you

Anonymous said...

this is amazing..!!
mushrooms heads is really strange idea but i really really love it
my brother used to call me mushroom head when i was but i never liked it
love yaa :)

Sephy said...

I just love these!

So imaginative.. x