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Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Please click on the picture above for a comical seasonal amusement.
(Thanks to my clever friend Catherine for the fiddly bits.)


Anonymous said...

lol...there is something disturbing about it, something almost... it because its a family?

too bad we dont sea the dentures of one of the kids falling out while (s)he coughs...nah, that would be r-e-a-l-ly weird

motion really adds something to your drawing, it perfectly goes with your universe!


Anonymous said...

funny! sorta addams family, in way.. ;D very cute.

happy thanksgivng to you too! :)


Feda said...

ahhh they're really cute i my favorite is the grandmother :D
lol !
happy thanksgiving :)
love ya.!!

Anonymous said...

looking like a thanksgiving among adams family ! a bit scary..
have a happy thanksgiving

Hélène Bricks

Anonymous said...

Oh, your humor isn't far away from reality ;) - I like your work for thanksgiving, much!


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool, awkward and retarded at the same time. In the most elaborate way, of course ;o)

Happy Thanksgiving!