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Monday, December 1, 2008

Drawing Game part 5

Mika has added a smoky elephant to the fray. It's a rather spooky pastiche, leaving me no other option but to... well, you'll see.


Anonymous said...

No Howdahs Sophie!


Anonymous said...

No mices!!!(not even flying ones, not even a summer rain of mices pleeeaaazzz, just no mices)
...though... a bright yellow bananas(mices are attracted by them) belt around the elephant would be very...unappropriate,lol?
Oh god anytime i look at the elephant i see him with wings, large white wings, lol, no idea why and it makes the all drawing pretty funny.
Oh and pleazzz no clones of the Tax Baby everywhere either, it would be just like: H-E-L-L,lol.
Verrry curious to see whats next!
-personally i have an idea with *transforming some letters* but hehe,no details, lets see what happens!!!
Hope to see very soon!!


Feda said...

hehehehehe cool
i can't wait to see how it's gonna turn lol !!

Anonymous said...

It just gets better and better... Good luck for the next part Sophie.
Clara x

Anonymous said...

Eager to see more! Good evening!

Anonymous said...

haha.. seen it on mika's blog. love it! the tax baby thing is a little spooky indeed...

so, your turn now: very curious to see how this is progressing.
the result of your project is being awesome!!

lamalaeducacion said...

... someone operating (manipulating) the smoky elephant (as being a fake one?) Just like the huge skull character that appears in all Mika's concerts?

Anonymous said...

Well that is so completely nonsensical I love it! The Tax baby? This is going to turn out really very strange!


Unknown said...

where does everyone get this idea of MICE?! i've never heard it anywhere, nobody has posted it. can someone help me?!MICE?!

Anonymous said...

hi sophiee!
mika is really talented and i can`t wait to see how you continue this project :P
love the part when mika`s house got burn.. lol
you`re a complete geniuss!
i`m really curious to see what would you do this time..

Love from Argentina

Alex said...

Hello Sophie !

Are you gonna put this elephant on a cage or something like that ?
Wouldn't it be nice ? like in the circus maybe ?
Anyway, this is a great, challenging project. Congrats to both of you.

robertina said...

Hallo Sophie! every turn you both surprise me more and more..i cannot imagine what comes next!
thanks for keeping us entertained, it's so much fun.

and i'm dying to have that drawing! ;)

Anonymous said...

I just saw part 6 on Mika's blog.
No mices, but an incredible (and a bit confusing) machine!
I'm loving this project a bit more every day! Both of you are awesome, and fortunately, a bit crazy! =)


Kisses & hugs from Portugal


Anonymous said...

I'm hypnotized by your response to Mxx, I fkn like it! =D

p.s: your wild fantasies still respect an order...wonder why it's all from left to right ;]

cheers ^^

Anonymous said...

I love the umbrella above the cup of coffee!!