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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Soles of Shoes and Backs of Heads

There's something poetic about the soles of shoes, and something oddly expressive, and vulnerable, about the backs of heads. Incidentally, in China you can buy slips of paper printed with a generic drawing of a man or woman, upon which you write the name of your nemesis, stick it with spit to the sole of your shoe and spend the day happily stomping on them. I may have made up the bit about the spit.


Sephy said...

I am constantly impressed by your imagination! That's so.. I don't know what!

Did you stick your drawings to the bottoms of the shoes? And where are those shoes from? They are really cute and vintage-looking.

Love Sephy x x x

Anonymous said...

Wow! Each time i check this blog out, i get surprised. It's impressive, this is so mad, and odd, and great!

Anonymous said...

Wow.That is truly amazing. You're so creative! Love the vintage kind.

Anonymous said...

This blog broadens my horizont - never heard of such possibilities to upload troubles with persons! ;)

Would say "Nice" idea, but this is barely the right word for this :)

have a good day, Ulrike

Anonymous said...

haha LOL about the chinese tradition! :D

expressive shoes soles..? did ya by any chance got in touch with laboutin too..? you and mika have so much in common! ;)

love the idea of the soles. cute!

Anonymous said...

I once had a computer teacher who used to say he'd put the pictures of the people he was disgusted with (ie. us students--he used to affectionately call us "evil") on cardboard boxes and spend the evening happily kicking them about the house. He was originally from China--so hmmm. And yes, cowlicks and braids---especially braids from the back. Why do boys always pull them?


Feda said...

wow..!! impressive :D
your drawings looks so cute on the shoes ;)
hmmm and the idea of writtin the name of your nemesis on the bottom of the shoes is cool hehe
i would like to spend the day happily stomping on
love ya**

Anonymous said...

i'd write pride in one. and fear in other. lovely drwaings. kind of bitter kindergarden style.

Anonymous said...

mwahahah what a story!
Chinese people are not so different from Italians under certain aspects..
btw I expect anytime those heads to turn around with a monster face, guess I saw too many time the Addams family...Pugsley & Wednesday forever! XD

Anonymous said...

Neato! You have such interesting and unusual ideas.
Clara x