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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Book Expo America

Yesterday, at BEA in the cavernous Javits Center in New York, Annie Barrows and I handed out hundreds of these Ivy and Bean cookies. I was rather hoping they'd be Ivy and Bean shaped cookies, and possibly Ivy and Bean flavoured, but at least they'd have mutant icing cross eyes and wayward smiles. But they were professional cookies and looked almost like... books. Mm. Tasty.


- -rxndr! said...

hehe they look lovely.
i would have probably kept them somehwere safe. i love them too much to eat them. o.O

but..ivy and bean flavour? :))

Matt Phelan said...

That WAS a good cookie.

avoca said...

argh.. I want one too! why oh why do i live in the back of beyond..??

sigh :(

Feda said...

yummmy i want one of these !!

Bangalore Escorts said...

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