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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Baby Tree Grows at Books of Wonder

This is what I was doing yesterday and for about three days before that, and when I say, "I", I mean pretty much my entire family, who I roped in one way or another to help make and install a Baby Tree in the window at Books of Wonder.

 While I was putting finishing touches to the tree, my patient and tireless step-mother Diane painted gorgeous leaves.

My daughter Olive painted flower calyces and darted nimbly in and out of the window, and the chaps offered moral support.
Diane is not giving me the familiar Australian gesture here, but rather asking how many holes to punch to hang the cloud.
And that is a gluestick, not a cigarette.
The window will be on display for two weeks or so. I would love it if people visiting the store deposited their babies in the window while they shopped, but that probably won't be happening.

If you are an independent bookseller reading this, and are interested in a Baby Tree or Sapling or Stalk for your window, this is not an impossibility.


Chris Muller said...

I will stand across the street and stare appreciatively for two weeks.

Netina said...

That's wonderful! Loved seeing the pics of how it was created!

Paprika said...

I love love love this! Presenting shop windows like this is such an interesting task!xx

storygirl said...

Love the tree,well worth the work!
it looks brilliant, you might regret your offer though, could be making trees and saplings all summer!