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Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Excitement.

Big Red Lollipop is in the New York Times Top Ten Best illustrated Children's Books of 2010. I have been a bit heavy handed with the exclamation marks lately, so I'm exercising restraint, but I am not remotely matter-of-fact about this. It is very exciting indeed.
Please click on the link for the entire list which is eclectic and wonderful.
Lawrence Downes also wrote a very kind review alongside Busing Brewster (By Richard Michelson, illustrated by R. G. Roth), "Another fine picture book about siblings braving new surroundings".
The last paragraph is especially optimistic:
"Recent news accounts suggest that some parents have lost faith in the picture book. “Big Red Lollipop” and “Busing Brewster” could change their minds. To say these books offer timely insights on immigration and segregation is accurate, but that loads them down with off-putting significance. The stories of Rubina and Brewster, told with simplicity and subtlety, ring bright and true."


McMGrad89 said...

How exciting for you!!!! Have reserved my exclamation marks just for this comment so you don't have to.

Dean Grey said...

Congrats Sophie!!


flowerpress said...

What an amazing list to be on, wow, very cool!!!!!!

Marloes de Vries said...

Wow, that's really impressive! Congratulations!

M. said...

Félicitations, Sophie! That is such a wonderful image on the cover...that lollipop = YAY!

anniem said...

I am 33 and I'll be buying a copy of "Big Red Lollipop" for my big sister. Thank you for making this such a beautiful story.

לילך וידל said...

Lovley paint:)