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Monday, August 16, 2010



blue china studio happy said...

Oh so wonderful! Love it.

Nina said...

Fantastic! So vibrant!
I want to join!!!

julia sáinz cortés said...

I have also posted some things from Ilustratour in my blog... It was so great!
I´m really glad I chose your workshop. It´s been better than I expected and now I´m in love with your two blogs. It´s good to know that, through them, you will remain in our lives.
Miss you a little... :(

McMGrad89 said...

What a fun mural. I love the different styles. Each lady's part is so unique, yet the whole piece works together. I think my students could learn from this activity. You know that fourth graders don't tend to appreciate each other.

MakeUp_Chic said...

Hi! I've been in love with your Missed Connections blog for quite some time and just recently stumbled upon this blog - you're not only an exceptional artist, but you seem like an exceptional person! I really enjoy reading up and looking at what you're doing! I always look forward to a new picture or story. Thank you for keeping me entertained during a normal boring work day! Good luck on your travels! :)

jAn said...

This is so much fun to watch as the workshop unfolds...thanks..

Dean Grey said...



What wonderful contributions by everyone! I wish I was a part of this!


Jeannie Hunt said...

these are such delightful collaborative art and learning projects! how did you ever invent them?? thanks for sharing.

Ahipara Girl said...

wow this is incredible. so much talent. x