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Friday, March 20, 2009

Wombat Walkabout

Wombat Walkabout is out today I believe.
The Common Wombat was described by William T. Hornaday, Sc. D.(I promise that was his name), in the 1925 companion guide to the newly opened Bronx zoo, as "the most nearly shapeless of all mammals". He went on to say, "Having few thoughts, and seldom using one, it is content to lie around all day and is aroused only with difficulty. We are tempted to ask. "Why is a Wombat?". I mention this not because it is hilarious, but to illustrate why I didn't put many clothes on the wombats, settling for fetching accessories. (Any tailor would agree with Hornaday, the wombat's form presents a challenge.) You might wonder why wombats need either clothes or accessories. Yes, you might.
Anyway, as I was saying the book comes out today. To celebrate this with the author, (Carol Diggory Shields) and editors at Dutton, I made little bundles of accessories as you can see above. The keen observer will note the colors (colours) of the beads match the original, and that I had to hand print the fabric for the shorts. Hmm.


Lauren Castillo said...

Your wombats are AWESOME, Sophie! They're so cute I want to squish them:) And how fun that you made real accessories from your drawn ones--I am sure your editor and author LOVED that! Can't wait to read the book & congrats on the release!

Kaper said...

Congratulations on your book which I shall look out for. Your illustrations are beautiful and I love your new blog.

Anonymous said...

how cute are the wombats!? love them! and their tiny garments.. <3


Jade Boylan said...

wow those mini accessories are amazing! :-) i absolutely love your style of illustration. i hope that when i (hopefully!) become a professional illustrator my children's books will be as wonderful and as successful as yours :-D l2a x

Pixiewinkle said...

Sophie- I LOVE this book, possibly more than my children...and I'm a huge fan of the accessories! (It takes a discerning eye;)