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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Drawing Game Part Seven

So here is the latest addition from Mika. I'll just give you a moment to collect yourselves.
I'll admit that it was a surprise. I had to sit down for a while. Make a cup of tea and sit with my back to the drawing, turning now and then to see if there really was a menacing, indigenous gentleman making scary hands at our girl. And then of course I remembered that she's just made of paper, as is he. Paper which can be folded and torn, cut and stained and punctured, embellished and decorated.
I told Mika that he'd painted me into a corner, literally and metaphorically, and he very kindly offered to come up with some ideas and I very politely said, "HANDS OFF, this one's mine!" Because, after all, this is where the fun lies...


Anonymous said...

yep, very unusual choice, but then like he said before it's to expect the unexpected from him.. ;)

send some of those bats in the direction of the savage man. that girl needs to be protected :D


Anonymous said...

His choice was very surprising, but quite good :D
Hah, you did the right thing, you're an artist too, you'll come up with something! I'm trying to think of an idea to carry on but I can't find one.

robertina said...

quite puzzled myself, must admit.

now the sheets seem all covered...will you add more paper?

get yourself together girl...and give that Mikster his prize back!

take care

Anonymous said...

ehm, I think it's a special kind of a duel you both are examining, isn't it ;) - but very interesting, how will you answer on it??

good luck, ulrike

Christine said...

He's got a cheek offering to give you ideas! I can't wait to see how you deal with jungleman Beavis.

Christine ©

Anonymous said...

Its funny to see all the different styles one piece of paper!!!! That poor little girl, what a funny world she lives in!!

Take care,

~ Elise.

Feda said...

adding the jungle man made a whole new story..yeah ?
have fun while drawing part 8
love ya..

Anonymous said...

it is a bit of an unusual thing to draw but it is still wonderful! i love to see what you each come up with and am amazed at how much the piece has grown already. can't wait for the next part,
lots o' luv =D

lamalaeducacion said...

Now, it could start raining, just like the song "When you let it rain", which would be typical from Jungles...