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Monday, February 9, 2009

Inky Forests

As Mika was painting his vibrant jungle, I've been fixating on inky rainforests. The initial inspiration was an early 19th century botanist's drawing of the Australian bush. These drawings above were done over the last few weeks, and evoke, for me at least, the damp smell of moss and fungi, the rustle of millipedes in leaf litter, the snuffle of a bandicoot, the call and response of a whipbird. (Some people find rainforests a bit overwhelming and need to sit with a hanky over their head.)
As wildfires rage in Australia I now can't help seeing a correlation between these damp inky drawings and the charcoal swathe of the ravaged bush.

1 comment:

avoca said...

haha so it's big M who's been inspired by you and not the other way round.. ;) I have seen the new version of your site homepage way before mika posted his entry of the project. *j/k*

btw, I can now access regulary the site, which pleases me.

I'd be one of those who could not enter the rainforest without a lead raincoat, leaving alone a hanky over the head.. ewww.. millipedes.. not sure that's my cup of tea.. ;)

I suppose those places have got their charm but still. I am a wimp when it comes to insects.

when i have the money I will visit australia, sometimes. :)