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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Drawing Game Part Eight

So if you are just tuning in, this drawing game has been an unfolding visual conversation with the singer-songwriter Mika. We began with his note, which read, How about we start with a drawing of a girl?, and we are now deep in a surreal land of jungle sets and dapper millipedes. (By way of a burning house of words, an irresponsible baby, a smoky elephant and a dubious contraption.)
Put into words, I think we started out with Yes!, then went through Oh? and Hmm... and Whoa! and then we got to the contraption which was me going Mumble, mumble, mumble, blah, blah, blah, and Mika snuck away, tiptoed around behind and jumped out with HA! on the other side. I think my response is !AH; a face-to-face staring match.
Then again, it's just a drawing.


helene B. said...

Dear Sophie,

What a weird evolution for that drawing ! that girl was looking so innocent and cute...then came the sneaky boy...what requires the helpful elephant...but then...the cannibal(was it the intention?) and the worms ! it's getting scary !
definitely you are both thinking out-of-the-box !
Should we now await an aerian surprise ?

have good fun !

avoca said...

it may be just drawing, but it's surely fun to watch ;)
and a fair game.

cannot wait to see what big M has in store for you, and then again, you for him.

round and round in circles.. :)


lamalaeducacion said...

More than this... whatever it is... baby, I hate days like theseeeee.

Wonderful work. Keep drawing, keep creating but, guys, finish soooon!!! We can't wait 2 get new Mika's cd.

Polly Fahrenheit said...

Is that a bucket of brain?

Anonymous said...

No, it is a bucket of FRESH brain supposed to feed their humanity crucially in need of it

- the leash, the monkey and the thief