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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Exhibition at the Brooklyn Public Library

From now until August 24th, I have an exhibition at the Central Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. There are original illustrations and sketches including work from The Crows of Pearblossom, Edwin Speaks Up, Spinster Goose, Wombat Walkabout and the Ivy Bean series. Additional artwork
from Ruby’s Wish, Big Red Lollipop, Pecan Pie Baby, Are You Awake? and many others will also be on display, along with bits and pieces of ephemera collected in the process of making books. There are also some secret messages, some personal revelations and an arrangement of things universally accepted as "exciting". This all takes place in the Youth Wing.
Over in the lobby gallery to the right of the library near the language section, I have original paintings from the project, Drawn From My Father's Adventures, and materials from the making of the MTA subway poster.
There will be an opening on June 7th from 6-8pm and I'll be talking about ink and gruel and Kathmandu (amongst other things) at 7:30pm. Please come!

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Thanks, again, for beautiful magic evening at the Met. I had already Missed connections, that you signed it. And yesterday at the Met Store I bought "Are you awake?". Just a while ago, here on a little community park in the East Village, I sat under a tree and read this sweet tale which is thought for kids but did so good to me... I guess that we all keep a child inside and your illustrations transport us to a world of beauty and spirituality.