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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ilustratour, part 3

This morning on our side of the "claustro" in the Museo Patio Herreriano (as opposed to Satoshi Kitamura's side...we sit in the wing just behind the giant king and queen), we dissected a 193os coloring book with glee.
Then we each made a picture around our scrap, of whatever came to mind. (I am still obsessed with the storks. Have I mentioned the storks?) It was fine fun. During morning break some people went outside for a "smoke and meat picnic"... nothing like a hunk of salami and a cigarette to get you going. Apparently.


Meg said...

He seems a bit concerned by the size of her beak.
BTW ... I would love to see what you would do with the canals here in Venice after seeing your store illustration. I hope you have an amzing time!

Jade Boylan illustration said...

the final result is amazing!
gorgeous work as always ◕‿◕ x

Sarah said...

I love this activity and the way it turned out. looks like the class is going well!

Brooke Boynton said...

Holy cow! I LOVE this!!!

Em said...

Fabulous. Love this.

Musings said...

GORGEOUS!! and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

bowb said...

this is wonderful!

dear sophie

i once saw a set of your drawing/painting/collages at the ray hughes gallery -- it was of a family emerging from the sea, i think, years ago -- but unfortunately i was at uni and had not yet hit my art-buying potential. oh how i have regretted this ever since.

it is so great that you have this blog and i can see your pictures all the time. :)

Laura said...

i love this - wish i could be part of the class :)

Dean Grey said...

I love what you did with your children's book scrap, Sophie!

What a fun idea!