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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Brain is an Unwieldy Mass of Dryer Lint

I think I might be mad. I have three (or is it five?) picture books now officially overdue, I'm moving house in ten days time, I haven't given a thought to the impending "holidays" and yet somehow I find myself volunteering to draw five minute portraits all day this coming Saturday to raise money for my son's elementary school. So if anyone is in Brooklyn this weekend, and wants to come by PS29 in Cobble Hill, and sit for a five minute portrait for $15 (a bargain!) it's for a good cause. I'd come early in the day though. I have a feeling the quality might decline as the day wears on.


mine. said...

i just wanted to quickly write and tell you how wonderful everything you do is. i stumbled across your missed connections blog and fell in love. and then i found the link to this blog and fell in love too.

i am currently in school in buffalo for my masters in library and information science to become a middle school librarian. my goal is to work in a new york city public school. reading both of your blogs makes me more and more excited for the move. (hopefully in june!)

i think you are truly fabulous and i admire you greatly. thank you for sharing your creations with the world :)

Aileen said...

Thanks Sophie for the countless smiles every time I see your sketches. The Missed Connections are so whimsical and fantastical and really give a spark to every day life just thinking about that fleeting moment between two people. Thanks again for your insight and brief glimpse into this unseen world. I wish I hadn't moved to the left coast and could partake in these portrait drawings you are doing this weekend!!!

::bsd:: said...

madamme sophie,
it's great see your works allways,
are very special and expressive

Here, i send you
a happiness shooter
to next year
full of colours
and more ideas!
Balon Rouge

Anonymous said...

OMG you sound just like me. Love your blog.

Joanna Goddard said...

hope your move went well! i am completely in love with your artwork! happy new year :)

Victoria Stitch said...

I like how the brain is kind of transparant!And the stripy tights!

Valerie Drake said...

Wow! Just wanted to drop a note and tell you I love your illustrations. I love the situation about "My Brain is an Unwieldy Mass of Dryer Lint". Very creative and many can connect. Keep on creating!


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