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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Big Red Lollipop

I've just finished a picture book for Viking, called Big Red Lollipop, written by Rukhsana Khan. I guess it will be out next Spring? I never know these things. I'm waiting to hear from the people with the magnifying glasses whether everything is good to go, (incidentally today I found out that in the wombat book there's a sad little faceless fellow, without eyes or nose, just a sort of wombatty blob. I have to go and fix him with a number three pen for the second print run. If you want the special face-less wombat edition ACT NOW), and then I'll wrap it up and take it in on the subway on my lap, like a child to its first day of kindergarten.


Sweet Pea said...

Your watercolours are so clean and crisp, and I love their delicacy. I often feel that I overpaint, so I have to learn to put down my paintbrush and step back! :)

Avoca said...

the new book sounds and looks delightful.. :) I hope it'll be available on amazon too.

BTW, I am SO ecited about the soon-released mika book, that comes with the EP and features also some of your artwork! already preordered it.


Rainbow Apple said...

oooh i agree with avoca, i quite literally cannot wait to see the new 'songs for sorrow' EP book thing :-) i have also pre-ordered it and am so excited to see all the illustrations. :-D lots o' luv from the isle of Man x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie,

I LOVE your illustrations for Big Red Lollipop, and all your books really!

I'm so thrilled you did the illustrations!

All the best,