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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Missed Connections

I have started a new blog here, of drawings based on Missed Connections. I'm staying local for now, and in typical, overly ambitious fashion, am going to try to post one a day.
I'm fascinated by these snippets of interaction, the way people remember and describe one another from their fleeting encounters, and the butterfly lifespan of hope. Or perhaps it's more enduring? Maybe I'll find out.


avoca said...

the illustration looks great, as always, sophie! it's a pleasure to see more of your art! *bookmarks this link as well*

I tried and comment over the "new" blog but I cannot @_____@
I'll have to post my impressions over both blogs just here.

also like a lot the hat illustration.


Sephy said...

I like this idea. Will now be keeping an eye on this blog too! :) xx