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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Playing Shop

I have been playing shop at It's been very good fun, making things and arranging them on the shelves and sweeping and dusting, and clearing my throat decisively, but I keep forgetting to actually tell people it's open for business. So here it is. I'll be putting lots more things up this month. Come back often! Tell your friends!


avoca said...

I am SO pleased!! finally managed to get one of your creations! *giggles* I hope you can send it out real soon :)


Sephy said...

oooh! That's such a good idea! (And it's my birthday coming up soon..) :)

Heather said...

What beautiful things you have here!~ Nice to meet you :)

Feda said...

nicee i want one like that
i love your ideas
if i had plate like that i would use it the whole time!

avoca said...

I noticed you have a new website entrance, but I cannot access further than the bird singing clip (audio only besides..) sigh :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll try to get hold of one!:)